Data-driven Narrative

  • Februrary, 2023
  • Raven Serenity Glover
  • Prototype details
  • Category: Digital Animation

This project experimented with several Data Narratives using an LGBTQ+ elected politician dataset from Princeton Queer Politics. One dataset depicted annual counts of elected officials, while another explored the number of these officials in countries with grammatically gendered primary languages, as identified by Wikipedia. An animation themed "Hope" was created in Maya, symbolizing increasing LGBT+ acceptance in parallel with the growing number of elected officials.

Three data-driven narrative prototypes were developed for experimentation. The first two, based only on elected official data, traced the narrative structure of exposition, conflict, rising action, climax, falling action, and resolution, highlighting data trends.The third prototype incorporated both datasets within a procedural compositing system developed in Houdini. The system interacted uniquely with the animation, based on data. For example, increasing trends in the "gendered language" dataset caused more image distortion, while the elected official data influenced the color of particles, signaling varying degrees of hope.